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For a limited period of time, Lenovo is offering you an opportunity to scrap your old hardware and receive a cash back when you purchase any of the Lenovo Data Center Trade Up eligible products.

That’s value for your investment. Smart Technology and a Rebate just for choosing a Lenovo Data Center solution.


Use this calculator to find out how much you could receive when you Trade Up to Lenovo

Select and add up to three items from the list below and then enter your email address to calculate your Rebate total value.

I have read,understand and accept the terms and conditions

There are 3 steps to getting a company cash rebate on your new Lenovo Data Center Trade Up!

All you need to do is provide:
  • Your Lenovo proof of purchase
  • Your disposal certificate* for old scrapped equipment
  • Your company invoice with rebate value**.
Once these details are validated by Lenovo, you will receive your cash rebate directly into your company account.
For further information speak to your Lenovo Representative.